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Our philosophy is about putting you first. There is no standard person, and neither should there be a standard investment solution. We believe advice should be unique to each client, tailored to your needs, goals, and circumstances. A recommendation should never leave you feeling confused or uncomfortable. 


 Our structured investment and planning process begins with our first meeting, where we discuss your financial goals, needs, and means. We make a point of getting to know you, who you are beyond the numbers, and finding the right role in our service to you.


Goals-based planning keeps you on track for everything that's ahead of you. Being prepared for retirement, your child's education, or saving for a home means starting early, being consistent, and staying disciplined.​


At Consilium Financial, investment counsel is provided by:

Sean J Gregory, CFP®, CIM®

Investment Advisor 

As someone holding the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL  PLANNER® designation, Sean is committed to helping his clients with comprehensive financial advice. 

He has also earned the CHARTERED INVESTMENT MANAGER® designation, demonstrating a high proficiency in investment advice.

Our office provides full-service wealth management, which begins with a comprehensive written financial plan, a purposeful investment policy, and account services to implement the plan and recommendations.

Sean takes a personalised approach to financial planning and investment advice, recognising each client has a unique set of goals and objectives. A holistic approach that takes into account your complete financial picture and a measured approach to risk management.

Sean is a graduate of UBC with a bachelor's degree in Science. When not at work, Sean is busy with his five young children exploring the BC wilderness by foot, kayak, and ski.

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A.J. Sanson, CFP®, CLU®

Associate Investment Advisor 

A.J. started his financial services career with an international full-service brokerage firm in 2006. After multiple leadership roles, he moved to the corporate home office as a Regional Business Development Manager in March 2014. Soon after, A.J. progressed to lead the team at the national level. After eight years working for the home office, he decided to return to the financial advisory role to work directly with clients again.


A.J. has a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a specialization in Psychology from the University of Alberta and holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) and CHARTERED LIFE UNDERWRITER (CLU®) professional designations.

A.J. and his wife, Valerie of 16 years, have two young daughters. In addition to the joys & rigours of family life, A.J. enjoys conversations ranging from meticulous German automotive craftsmanship to the intricacies and pursuit in creating the perfect cup of coffee to the beauty and complexities of philosophy and theology

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