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Consilium is Latin for wise counsel and prudent planning. 

We endeavour to provide you with true consilium. 

We believe proper management of your finances is about being a Good Steward. Stewardship is a recognition of the responsibility you have to your family, your community, and yourself. 

A financial plan is the cornerstone of good stewardship. Planning that is guided by the virtues, with a careful consideration of your moral and ethical beliefs. 


The pillars of our process are grounded in the foundation of the cardinal virtues.

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The prudent person thinks clearly, plans for uncertainties, and uses reason to make wise decisions. A prudent investment portfolio strikes the right balance of risk and opportunity for your goals and circumstances. A prudent financial plan prepares you for the risks you face with strategies to overcome them.

  • Saving well, investing wisely, preparing for life's uncertainties

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Our emotions have a habit of leading to poor financial decisions. Poor cash flow management from impulsive or emotional spending can lead to a crushing debt burden. Chasing returns and the fear of missing out can lead to taking on too much risk, and neglecting appropriate diversification. Temperance is exercising the restraint and self-mastery to avoid these mistakes. 

  • Maintaining the discipline to persevere with a financial plan and avoid investment mistakes

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We face numerous risks and uncertainties in our financial lives. We must determine which to avoid, which to accept, and which to insure. Implementing a plan takes courage. Accepting those risks that are prudent and worthwhile can be intimidating. Having the courage to carry out and remain faithful to a plan is a key aspect of living virtuously with your finances.

  • The courage to take appropriate risks to achieve your goals

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Justice is about the responsibility we have to our family and community. Supporting our family with responsible spending, caring for their needs to enable them to flourish. We support our community by giving our time and money. Justice is also about promoting the common good and living as responsible citizens. We do this by investing responsibly, according to our values.

  • Caring for your family, giving generously to your community, investing responsibly


Our investment process seeks out companies whose business strictly aligns with your moral code. We adhere to the traditional values of our society, and we believe our investment portfolio should as well.

The private sector must be not only an engine of growth and productivity, but also a reflection of our values and priorities, a contributor to the common good. Examples of greed and misconduct must be replaced with models of corporate responsibility.”                               


 – USCCB Investing Guidelines

Morally Responible Investing
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